NSK INDONESIA , founded in 2010 by a group of professionals initially. NSK INDONESIA  began its business by providing laboratory equipment and environment in the individual market and specialize in the industry.

But with the passage of time and the development of understanding that will better support the needs of the market and product quality. Our company is expanding its business into the following main parts:

1. Providing laboratory equipment

2. Providing environmental equipment

3. Providing medical equipment

4. Provide services

With sales and marketing that we run so far, we are committed to continue to participate in developing the nation's progress and provide education on the value a positive value for the development and advancement of technology medical equipment in Indonesia in general.

 Mission and Vision Company

• Our vision is to continue to provide education and benefits of the products that we sell products and provide the best service and satisfaction to our customers.

• The mission of our company is to introduce and spread the benefits of the products Laboratory, Medical, environment and foster good relations to customers, employees and stakeholders.